Advice for schools seeking to shelter a chapter of Nu Rho Psi

(PLEASE NOTE: The application process and fees were established by the National Council on November 1, 2006. See the "Application to Shelter a Chapter of Nu Rho Psi" for details.)

Applications for establishing a new chapter will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Charter applications are peer reviewed before recommendations are made to the Nu Rho Psi National Council. This process takes approximately 2 months.  

Colleges or universities with undergraduate neuroscience programs, majors, minors, tracks, or concentrations are encouraged to shelter a chapter of Nu Rho Psi. Alternatively, colleges or universities that are geographically close to one another may choose to apply for a charter as a Cooperative Chapter consisting of members from more than one school. In this case, multiple schools should be listed in the chapter application and charter.

Nu Rho Psi - Charter Application Fee - Click here to start payment

Questions? Contact Michael T. Kerchner, Executive Director: [email protected]


Nu Rho Psi Application Forms and Documents:
Document Format
Application to Shelter a Chapter of Nu Rho Psi (Revised-Nov 2013)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Charter Application Process
National Constitution and Bylaws (Revised 1 April 2016)
Model Chapter Bylaws (Revised-January 2015)
Model Induction Ceremony (Revised-December 2009)
All Nu Rho Psi Documents combined into one PDF file (Revised-April 2016)