President Elect Responsibilities

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 The following information provides a timeline of the President-Elect's Responsibilities.  Important documents are attached at the bottom of the page.

January to March

Travel Awards

  • Set up the Review Committee by asking 1 Councilor (as of 2011 we will be going to 2 Councilors for this committee due to the number of applications) and 2 FUN members (preferably members who ran for councilor and did not get elected) to participate. In 2013, I expanded the committee greatly (I had 13 reviewers) each one saw ~8 applications and each application was reviewed by 4 reviewers. It worked well and I felt that it allowed for a "fairer" process and the distribution of work was well managed by those involved.
  • Discuss with the Treasurer and President the number of awards we will be able to fund this year.


Travel Awards

  • Early April, place a travel award announcement in the Neuroscience Nexus eNewsletter and send it an announcement over the FUNFaculty listserv. Make sure to be clear about this being the FUN travel award, not the BAW travel award.
  • To submit items for publication in Neuroscience Nexus, please contact [email protected].  The Nexus only allows the posting of a message once. 
  • The due date for the application is usually set for the week after the SfN abstracts are due.  Text of Previous Announcements (purple dates and website info need updating each year):

FUN Undergraduate Student Travel Awards

We welcome dues-paying members of Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) to sponsor nominees for a FUN Undergraduate Student Travel Award. The award offers aid for expenses associated with attending the Society for Neuroscience 2010 meeting for an undergraduate student who is presenting a poster.  To learn how to access award-application instructions, judging criteria, and to support undergraduate education by joining FUN, please visit Applications are due by Friday, May 20, 2010.

  • The FUN Website will need to be updated with the new, more detailed application information should be uploaded to the website.


Travel Awards

  • Early May, Resend the travel award announcement to the FUNFaculty listserv as a reminder
  • Applications will have come in by the end of May.

Travel Awards

  • Applications should be sent out for review with a due date for the reviews of July 1.  Each reviewer will get ~10-12.  In 2010 it was actually 22 per person (44 apps, two reviewers each).
  • The review sheet that has been used in the past is attached at the bottom of the page.
  • In general there is some differences in how the reviewers rank their candidates.  An 88/100 might be a must fund for one and a 99/100 might be a must fund for another.  So, I have the reviewers also rank them by "clearly must fund", "maybe", and "Do not fund".  This allows the President-elect to form a priority list.
  • As chair of the Travel Award Committee, the President-elect will consolidate the reviews and identify the top candidates


Travel Awards

  • After the 4th of the July holiday, discuss the rankings with the President and the Treasurer and look at the current state of fund raising for the awards.
  • Send an award letter to the number of travel award winners that we are funding this year.  An award letter template is attached at the bottom of the page.
  • Send an unfunded letter to the other applicants.  An unfunded letter template is attached at the bottom of the page.
  • A waitlisted letter has been added. A waitlisted letter template is attached at the bottom of the page.

Officer Elections

  • Send out an email over the listserv and post a news item on the website to solicit nominations for the Officer elections.
  • Make the Notification date the end of July/first week of August.


Travel Awards
  • Tounch base with Travel Award Winners.  Confirm the time of the FUN Poster Session and Social.  
Officer Elections
  • Confirm the slate and contact the Election committee

Travel Awards
  • Final reminders to the travel award winners
  • Send the Past-President the abstracts from the travel award winners so that they are included in the FUN Poster Session
  • Remind the Past-President to have a special section for the Travel Award Winners, BAW Travel Award Winner and SOMAS Students at the Session.
Officer Elections
  • Run the election during September.  Confirm the results by having each Election Committee member look at the voting. The email to members for the voting can be sent out through this website.  The webmaster can help with this. Smith has his own server and software...and is willing to help with this as well.
  • Notify the winners at the end of September.


Travel Awards
  • Email each award winner with the name of their travel award sponsor.  Remind them to put the name of their travel award sponsor on the poster.  Also give them contact information for the sponsor so that they can send a thank you.  Finally, give them the booth number of the sponsor (update the booth numbers for the upcoming SfN meeting on the sponsor page) if they have one so that they can thank them in person.
  • Make and print off certificates for the Mentors and the Travel Award Winners.  Certificate Files attached below. New Certs have been made, see uploads.
  • The treasurer will bring the checks.

Executive Meeting, Business Meeting and Social

  • President Elect reports about the travel award competition and introduces the new committee members at the Executive and Business Meeting.
  • President-Elect becomes the President at the FUN Social and Poster Session. 
  • The current President turns introduces the President-Elect and then they announce the election results and the travel award winners/sponsors.  The incoming President-elect passes out the checks and certificates.
  • NO SINGING....Ban for life! :)


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