The Brain and Behavior Lab at Penn State welcomes graduate student applications.

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The Brain and Behavior Lab is interested in the interaction between cognition and action. We focus on the role of the basal ganglia, cerebellum, and prefrontal cortex in the neural control of movement. We employ interdisciplinary and translational approaches to better understand how individual differences in cognition, brain structure, and brain function are related to motor output. 

The Brain and Behavior Lab is directed by Dr. Kristina Neely. Dr. Neely can supervise students may in Kinesiology, Neuroscience, or Bioengineering. Applications are due December 15 for Neuroscience and Bioengineering and January 1 for Kinesiology.

Ideal candidates:

·       GRE scores > 80th percentile.

·       Undergraduate GPA > 3.5.

·       Previous coursework in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, bioengineering, biological psychology, or computer science.

·       Previous research experience.

·       Data organization and analysis skills.

·       Good communication skills and work well in teams.

·       Interest in neuroimaging.

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