Postdoctoral Researcher – Epilepsy and Autism

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Baylor University

A postdoc position in Epilepsy and Autism is available in the lab of Dr. Joaquin Lugo at Baylor University (

The Developmental Neuroscience Lab at Baylor University is hiring a Post-Doctoral Fellow to work on a project that will examine the neural mechanisms that underlie the relationship between epilepsy and autism. Specifically, we will be examining how seizures during early life impact the immune complement system and other neuroinflammation pathways. We will then examine how these neurochemical alterations lead to autistic-like behavioral changes in mice. Methods will include stereotaxic surgery, video-EEG, biochemical and molecular techniques (western blotting, immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR), and mouse behavioral assays.

There is a high level of collaboration at Baylor University. The Lugo lab collaborates with laboratories in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science, with the Institute of Biomedical Studies, and with labs outside Baylor. The project that is funded by the Postdoctoral fellowship is a collaboration project with another lab at Purdue University. Other collaboration projects include investigation of Fragile X Syndrome, the impacts of seizures on bone growth, the role of diet on epilepsy, and the impact of acute seizures on the consolidation of fear memories. The postdoctoral associate will have the opportunity to assist on collaboration projects. Furthermore, the postdoc is encouraged and will be supported to pursue their own independent project during their time in the lab.

Baylor University has provided significant resources to propel it towards becoming a R1 university. Grant writing support will be provided to the postdoc and each postdoc will work on an individualized postdoc mentoring plan, which will outline their career development during their three years at Baylor. Baylor University will provide resources and other support through their postdoc support office, postdoc advisory committee, and postdoc association. The focus of these training resources is to assist the postdoctoral fellow in successfully transitioning to a tenure-track position in academia or a similar position in industry.

Required qualifications:

A Ph.D., PharmD/PhD, MD/PhD, or DVM in Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Psychology, or a related field is required. Candidates close to defending their dissertation are welcome to apply. Applicants with a background in behavioral neuroscience or related discipline are encouraged to apply. The position guarantees 3 years of funding, with a competitive salary and other benefits beginning June 2, 2020. Reviews of applications will begin immediately.

To apply, please submit: (1) a cover letter describing your research interests, relevant background, and career goals; (2) current CV; and (3) contact information for 2-3 references to [email protected]

About Baylor University

The Lugo Lab is located in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Baylor University. You can find out more about the lab by reviewing our lab webpage www. Waco is a highly affordable city to live in and more information can be found in the following website: